Dansko Translucent Clog Campaign

Digital designs done for Alexanders Uniforms' Dansko campaign highlighting their recently released translucent clogs.

When receiving the imagery needed to begin the design work for this campaign, I was immediately in awe of how bold and playful Dansko's transclucent clogs were. The photoshoots really captured that energy as well and I wanted the surrounding material to reflect that.

For boldness, I opted for a clean geometric aesthetic to let the clogs do the talking. These shapes were meant to help communicate the playfulness found in the photoshoot, not overpower it.

A supporting design was created with a collection of sketched accent pieces including paper airplanes, butterflies, and emphasis marks. This idea was meant to take a step in a different direction and emphasize that boldness that I was struck by in my initial review of the clogs imagery.

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